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Before the cruise departs at 9:00 AM, you will partake in the light breakfast by the beach. As soon as you board the catamaran, you will immediately be embraced by the ambience of warmth and lightness as the captain gives a briefing to all passengers. Before long, you’re off to Tamarin Bay where you will soon spot playful dolphins in their natural habitat. The boat will be stopped in areas where dolphins are so you can get a chance to linger and commune with these lovely sea creatures.  
Among the graceful animals to watch out for in this area of the Mauritius waters are the bottlenose and spinner dolphins. Known for their playfulness and strong ability to communicate with humans, they come in pods of about twenty and display their gregariousness to cruisers anytime.
From the adventure with the dolphins, the day-long tour continues along the coral reefs to the lagoon of La Preneuse. There are also scheduled breaks in key locations where you can go swimming or snorkeling, or take pictures of your memorable trip – aboard the catamaran or on the waters or islands. Whether you go for a short swim or snorkel your way to witness the marine life, for sure you will be beholden to the mesmerizing Mauritius underwater sights.
Soon after, the tour takes you to the splendidly Crystal Rock which is at the peaceful core of the biggest lagoon in the area. From that point you will have your share of the magnificent views of mountain ranges, to include Black River and Rempart mountains, and the majesty that is Le Morne Mountain. For sure, you wouldn’t want to leave the blissful experience but then the next stop has to be visited as well. We’re talking about the Benitiers Island where the beachfront welcomes you to a few hours of frolicking, fun under the sun and food!

Fine Print

A sumptuous barbecue lunch will be laid down in a buffet, either on the catamaran or on the island. We try our best to serve this meal as extensions of true Mauritian experience with food. The lunch menu consists of fresh fish, chicken kebab, chicken sausage, rice, pasta salads, a selection of vegetables salads and a dessert. On the side note, vegetarians must advise us beforehand so that essential arrangements can be made to make their lunch equally sumptuous – and suited well for their needs.
Like any other lunch, you get a few hours of relaxation and there’s a wide array of choices for this. You could get a tan simply lying down on the beach or on the cruise vessel, walk along the infinite beach where water keeps kissing the sands, go on smaller adventures in the lagoons and coral reefs, or simply read, listen to music, take naps or let the sun drop warm kisses all over your body1
After the Benitiers Island experience, the catamaran will finally cruise back to Tamarin – but not before you have achieved that sense of happy tiredness for the adventure you just achieved.
Trip Rates for this awesome adventure for a day comes very affordable.
•   Adults and teens: 55 Euro per person
•   Kids age three to twelve years: 39 Euro
•   Kids under three years old: Free of charge 


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